Kim Hellerman-Hersman, ChFC

Professional Planning & Benefits Agency, Inc. is a full service employee benefit and individual financial planning organization. 

Employee Benefits account for a significant portion of an organization’s operating budget. As an independent broker, we have the ability to review your existing benefit structure and make recommendations based on your organization’s goals and objectives. We work closely with business owners to develop and secure cost effective employee benefits, as well as provide ongoing administrative assistance.

Individual Financial Planning is critical to long term financial success. As an independent advisor, we have the ability to customize a portfolio that is consistent with our client’s goals, risk tolerance and timeline. In order to obtain a clear understanding of our client’s financial position, we evaluate all areas of financial management. Financial plans are developed to assist you in achieving short and long term goals. Plans will be monitored and adjustments will be made as your needs change or when unforeseen events occur.

The success of Professional Planning & Benefits Agency, Inc. is attributed to our commitment to building and maintaining long term relationships based on honesty, integrity and respect. We value every relationship and the confidence you have entrusted us with.